Episode 117: The Ant-tastic Four

Welcome back everyone to another delayed edition of Sprecken ze Geek.   Remember that whole life lesson I talked about a couple of months ago, you know the one about remembering to save your work?  Well I had to learn it again… learning sucks sometimes.  But I like to think that your’re getting a better product by me being much more awake this time.  Well that’s my hope anyways.
This week we are joined by our friends TK and Terry as we review Antman, a movie I’ve been really excited (an worried) about for some time.  We also do a SDCC recap along with a bit of a trailer review and wrap it all up with True Detective season 1 episode 4 review.

We also review our last streaming review choice of Rose Water. Now I had originally thought that this was a documentary but it is actually a movie based on true events.  Over all we both enjoyed this one with Bat giving it 4/5 and myself giving it 3/5 on Netflix.  Funny enough the parts involving the main character in solitary, which the parts that I thought we’re the weaker ones, were the ones that Bat enjoyed the most.  Over all we both recommend this movie for anyone wanting an interesting glimpse into a repetitively foreign world to most Americans as well as being based on events that happened fairly recently.

For next weeks streaming review we dive back in time and take a second swing at watching The Wolf of Wall Street.  You may, or may not, remember when we tried to watch this a couple of months back using the EpixHD streaming app and failed miserably.  Well it’s on Netflix now and we want to watch this movie that everyone is talking about.  Bat more so for Margo Robbie than anyone else.



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That is all for this week’s Podcast. Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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