Episode 130: Fuck You Stitcher

Hello all and welcome back to another episode of Sprecken ze Geek.  This Episode marks the first of our 6 week march to The Force Awakens and we kick it off with our “streaming review” of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  We also discuss this weeks nerd news including: The return of Nintendo Directs, Cloud in Smash, Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow coming to Virtual Console, new Fire Emblem, Twilight Princess HD remake, Xbox One topping the charts for October and the list of the 104 backwards compatible 360 games.

We also want to take a moment for those who were hurt or lost their lives in Paris this past week. It was a terrible act of cowardice and we wish all the best to the families of the victims.  As Bat also mentioned, if you want to do more try taking a look at a few of these groups and offer your support.

This week we re watched the travesty that is Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  Oh man does this movie NOT age well.  Funny enough Bat and I are watching it two different ways.  Bat remastered Bluray and myself watching the first released DVDs.  But neither does this move any favors.  Really the only two things you are missing out if you don’t watch this one are Darth Maul and Duel of Fates… that’s about it.  We really didn’t like this one and if we had to rate this one it would be 2/5 easily.  We also have a fun question to ask of you.  Can you explain the full plot of Episode I in one sentence?  We only ask because we couldn’t do it.

For the next 5 weeks our streaming reviews are going to be taken up by the Star Wars movies but we still want you to send us your reviews of this weeks choice or even suggestions for future episodes streaming review on Hulu, Netflix or HBOgo.  We will happily bank these for after The Force Unleashed has come out.

Please send them to us using any of the means below.

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