Episode 136: iHerpes

Hello again! We’re almost firing on all cylinders and back to normal with some nerd news and a podquestion for you but we’re holding off on this weeks streaming review since Bat has been battling with a New Year sickness. This weeks Nerd news includes: Final Fantasy 9 on PC and iOS, Michael Bay back for Transformers 5, Krang reveal for TMNT, Occulus price revealed, M Night to head up new Tales from the Crypt and Star Wars TFA passes Titanic for Number 1 domestic movie of all time.

We’re giving this movie another week to gestate while Bat’s on the mend. I’ve seen a bit of the beginning and can say it’s already got me a bit interested. so why not give this fan suggestion of unBranded from Mando a watch and send us your thoughts.

Just like our dear friend Mando, you can suggest streaming movies that you want us to watch and review on future episodes that are on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBOgo.
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That is all for this week’s Podcast. Be sure to tune in next week. Same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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