Episode 149: Just like my love life

Welcome my back with another episode of SzG. This week we have our theatrical review of Jungle Book and some new trailer releases and bits of nerd news to cover: Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts trailers, Spiderman standalone title, Ghost in the Shell first images and rumors of new God of War set to Norse Mythology. We also have out streaming review of I Am Santa Claus and the 7th episode of Making a Murder.

This weeks streaming suggestion was I Am Santa Claus. This story centered on 5 Mall Santas on their life outside of Christmas including Mick Foley. The movie provided an interesting behind the scenes look into who these people are and why they do what they do. Both of us wish it has a bit more Mick Foley, mainly because he’s a really interesting person. But we split on our rating of this movie. I gave it 2/5 because I really liked the concept but thought the execution and editing was a bit lack luster. Bat enjoyed it a bit more (he said it’s because he has a heart) and gave it a 3/5.

Next streaming suggestion is a sequel to the Purge(which we reviewed back on Episode 72). The Purge: Anarchy is set in the same universe as the first movie but is doing what we asked before, it goes out into the world during the purge. We’re both pretty excited to get a bit more of this effed up world and hope it doesn’t disappoint. You can find this one on HBOgo.

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That is all for this week’s Blogcast. Next week we will be back to our same Hammer Time and Same Bat Channel.

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