Episode 154: Look Who’s Not Enjoying this Movie

Welcome back friends and listeners to this weeks episode of SzG! Okay we’re both running on full steam now and we brought with us our streaming review as well as a whole heap of nerd news: Black Widow movie, Tetris Movie, DC genre streams (Geoff Johns), Ghostbusters Trailer, NX not successor to 3DS or WIIU. New Way of gaming…., Stan Lee’s last con NYCC, MacGyver, Harley Quinn Movie
Thor Ragnorak Casting.

We pushed back our streaming movie review of Look Who’s Back a week to give us a little bit of time to finish it. Man…I wish we could have quick while we were ahead. We knew this movie was going to be strange, but it was just plain bad. The pacing, the jokes and the characters all felt off. It made a 2 hour movie feel like a 4 hour slog…. I wouldn’t recommend anyone giving this a chance and would suggest you spend your time somewhere else. I gave it a gracious 2/5 while Bat gave it a 1/5. Take it from us, skip this one.

This weeks streaming review is Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel on HBOgo.

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