Episode 156: I Sea What You Did There

Welcome back friends and listeners… again. Sorry we’re kind of in this on and off bit recently (most all my fault) but this week we bring you our streaming review and spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Finding Dory. Other that that we tackle some honestly hard hitting recent news and come back around to discuss this years E3 news. This show we’re joined by Jackie (aka the Fox).

We are finally ready to go over the last streaming movie review of Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel on HBOgo. I kind of knew going into this one that I’d come out with a higher opinion than Bat of this movie. I liked the quirky small yet fun story involving time travel and paradoxes. But Bat felt like he missed something and just really didn’t get all too much out of it. Don’t go into this expecting too much and I think you’ll have fun time waiting at the Winchester for this whole thing blows over. Bat gave it 2/5 while I gave it 3/5.

Next week’s streaming review is brought to you by Bat and he wants us to watch the new Adam Sandler movie The Do-Over. It’s on Netflix so feel free to join in on this one my friends!

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That is all for this week’s Blogcast. Next week we will be back to our same Hammer Time and Same Bat Channel.

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