Episode 162: This Shit Ain’t Right

Welcome back everyone to your week in geek. Slow news day, and busy pre con week for Bat so we take it easy this episode and discuss the good oll wholesome world of the internet…. That is to say we discuss why the internet can be such a shitty place to people and see if we can find a reason for it. This conversation is spurred on by the recent internet tolling/harassing/hacking of Leslie Jones. From the horrible filth that spewed out on twitter post Ghostbusters release(IndieWire Article) to the recent nude photos being stolen (NY Daily News Article), we discuss the horrible nature of the anonymity of the web. For those curious about the Video that Bat references with the female sportscasters here it is (it starts off light hearted but quickly gets to the harsh reality).

Last week’s streaming review Stranger Things Episode 1. The first episode had a hell of a lot more jump scares than I expected honestly. Though I think that was mostly just me, though Bat’s wife Sarah agreed that it was spooky. The tone over all was enjoyable and definitely was steeped in that 80’s nostalgia. We get our introduction to the main group of kid heroes (I’m assuming) as well as the mysterious girl, Eleven. Beyond some beautifully shot scenes we really were only treated to some teasing of what’s to come, what a pilot should really be. But I sense there is some fun stuff on the horizon. While it didn’t completely wow either of us, Bat said it was no Lost, we are both in this for the long haul. Look forward to our review of the next episode in a week or two as Bat will be taking next week off.

Since we’re only 1 episode in feel free to join in on the episodic experience and discussion.

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