Episode 179: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Hello and welcome to a podcast without Mariachi music in the background! Okay maybe that doesn’t make much sense since you couldn’t really hear it in the background of last week’s episode. But rest assured, there are zero mariachi in this episode. But what we do have is some nerd news and a whole heaping of random quality conversation. We also discuss this weeks streaming review of Sprectral.

Spectral was an interesting movie, not great but interesting. There some cool parts in terms of the props and set but the logic and action sequences just really felt a little lack luster. Also Bat’s criticism of “no recognizable protagonist” rings true again in this film. So the nitty gritty of this film? It tries to play with the near future concept of emerging technology in war but it kind of fumbles it’s way to the end. We didn’t hate this movie, but didn’t love it. If there was an option for a 2.5 stars this movie would have hit it but since there isn’t we both gave it a 3/5. You won’t be wasting your time while watching it but there are plenty of other good things out there that you could be watching instead.

This week’s recommendation comes from our listener, Kristi. Daddy’s Home is proof that she truly knows the way to Bat’s heart… well heart attack that is. His lack of love for Ferrell is no secret and our fans know just how to hit us where we hurt. No seriously, Kristi you-da-real MVP for this one. Come and watch this movie with us on Amazon Prime Video.

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