Episode 188: Go Go Power Rangers

Hello and welcome back! For this week’s show we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Power Rangers as well as our streaming review of Pete’s Dragon. We also dive into the new Justice League trailer and take a few, okay more than a few, minutes to discuss rage culture. We also have answers from this week’s Podquestion of what was your favorite Disney song.

This week’s Streaming review was the highly regarded remake of Pete’s Dragon. This movie has us split down the middle. Bat really enjoyed the movie and thought it had a lot of heart. But I just had a hard time connecting with this movie in general. There were quite a few good actors in the flick and we both agreed that the kid who played Pete did a pretty good job. We also both agreed that the Dragon’s CGI was a little cheesy, but that may have been intentional. Bat gave this movie a 3/5 while I gave it a 2/5.

This week’s recommendation is my choice so I’m giving us something ridiculous. We’re going to be watching Keanu on HBOgo. Key and Peel are on a mission to rescue a cat… and as you guessed it hi jinks ensue. Here’s to hoping for some fun comedy to keep us entertained.

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