Episode 190: Almost There

Hello and welcome back! For this week’s show we bring you … not a lot. Seriously it’s been a slow week. So we talk about our surprisingly not bad streaming review of Rachet and Clank and dig into what we look for in the next iterations of consoles. Lastly we wrap everything up with answers from this week’s Podquestion of what anime you wanted to see made into a live action movie.

For this week’s recommendation Bat had us watch Ratchet and Clank on Netflix. We both kept hearing a lot of backlash regarding how bad this movie was. But after seeing it ourselves we’re not sure what they’re talking about. This movie really captured the spirit of the characters from the game and gave a fun and fleshed out world for our heroes to explore. It was cheesy and silly but over all it was entertaining and had some heart to it. Graphically speaking it may not be the most impressive out there but it doesn’t disappoint either. We both gave it a solid 3/5 and recommend giving it a watch, especially with your young ones.

This week’s recommendation is my choice and I’m having us watch The BFG on Netflix. This one snuck in and out of theaters and we’re going to find out why. Well, maybe we will.

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