Episode 199: Baby, We’re on Board

Hello and welcome to this week in geek. This week we get to review one of worst named movies of the summer, Baby Driver and we have our spoiler free review and a spoiler filled review at the end of our podcast where we tell you what we really thought. Okay, the title of this week’s show kind of gives it away, but we will tell you what we liked about it. We also review this week’s streaming review of Sully, talk over the SNES Classic and some free shit good shit. Also we have your answers from last week’s podquestion of what your favorite E3 reveal was.

This week’s recommendation was Sully on HBOgo. Full disclosure, I didn’t remember this incident so it took me all the way till the end for me to get that it was based upon a true story. Besides that, we both agreed that this movie felt really short, but this was mainly due to lack of movement. The movie takes almost entirely during the the investigation of the crash, with a few flash backs to the flight itself. While we really do like Tom Hanks we can both agree that this isn’t his best movie. He does a fine job acting, it’s just that the movie itself really isn’t all that entertaining. It was okay to watch the first time but we both would be hard pressed to recommend anyone else going out of their way to watch it.

For our next week’s recommendation we’re watching Creed on HBOgo. While I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies I am super excited to see this movie one.

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