Episode 211: Fake Episode 210

Welcome back to our week in geek! This week we get a little distracted and talk about random stuff, discuss our streaming movie,Blair Witch, and answer this week’s question of which AI companion would you choose.

Our Second Halloween Streaming Review was the Blair Witch. The original movie was one of Bat’s favorites but sadly this one is definitely not. To be honest it’s not really my favorite either. With the shaky cam and cheap jump scares we felt like this movie really squandered its opportunity to be a really enjoyable ride. We talk for a pretty long while about how we really enjoy the ambiance and the setting and how we would work to “fix” the movie but alas we are left with what we have here. Which is a pretty “meh” horror flick. We suggest skipping this one for something better.

This week’s Streaming Review has us watching our 3rd horror movie in honor of Halloween. This week has us watching another Netflix original The Babysitter. This Hor-Omedy, as Bat put it, reminds us a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and gives me a nice respite from further horrific movies.

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