Episode 216: Bossy Babies

Welcome back to our week in geek! This week we bring you another streamlined week in geek by discussing the new Avengers Trailer, Justice League feedback, review this week’s streaming suggestion of Boss Baby and answer this week’s question of what is your favorite Sci-Fi Comedy TV series.

This week’s streaming review was Boss Baby on Netflix. This movie was a bit of a surprise. We both were hesitant at watching this movie and even avoided seeing it in the theaters but heard quite a bit of good word of mouth. The comedy is snappy, the animation is clean and the story is interesting (even if a little predictable). There is plenty of sight gags and silly jokes for young ones but quite a bit of adult humor for everyone else. We both really enjoyed how the movie was seen through the imaginative eyes of 6-7 year old. Plenty of scenes of underwater exploration, ninja attacks or even space adventures dazzled and entertained. We both enjoyed our time with this strange movie and give it a thumbs up.

This week’s streaming review we are going to need our tissues as we watch You Before Me
on Amazon Prime. I don’t know much else but what Bat described on the podcast… but it really sounds like it’s going to hit us right in the emotion button.

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