Episode 223: and the Golden Globe Goes to…

Welcome back to our week in geek. there’s a little bit of a news this week with talk of the new Captain Marvel Costume, God of War release date and some (lackluster) Games with Gold. We review this week’s streaming suggestion of Dallas Buyers Club and answer last week’s question of which famous person, living or dead, would you have a beer with.

This week’s streaming review was Bat’s suggestion of Dallas Buyers Club. I guess you can say that both of us went in with rather high expectations, with the cast and the Golden Globe buzz. But what we got was a good but not great movie. The performances were good, but not life changing. The story was interesting but not as engaging as we were expecting. While this was a good movie and we would recommend giving it a watch we were a little miffed about the performances that McConaughey and Leto put forth.

This next week we’re watching a fan suggestion of What Happened to Monday on Netflix, brought to us by TK.

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