Episode 225: The Long Forgotten Delay

Welcome back to our…suuuuuuper delayed week in geek. This week we get down with some nerd news (including all of the Super Bowl movie teasers), review this week’s impromptu streaming suggestion of Cloverfield Paradox and answer last week’s question of ideal timeline from first tease of info for a video game to the actual release.

This week’s streaming review was brought to us as a surprise by Netflix, Cloverfield Paradox. We knew this movie was coming out but having it drop right after the Super Bowl was a hell of a Hail Mary… see I can sometimes make decent sports references. Coming to accept that J.J.’s Cloverfield movies are a new sort of Twilight Zone is really helpful when coming into this movie. Knowing that there are similarities between the 3 (so far) films can be confusing to anyone. But the constants are: there are monsters, humans have to deal with them in some way or form. We both love this concept and think it makes for some amazing movie going, plus the inclusion of Cloverfield gets the muggles in seats when they might otherwise opt out. The movie is beautiful and the acting is pretty damn good, along with a meaningful diverse cast. I think we both came to an agreement that while this movie is not perfect (though really, what movie is?) it was a damn enjoyable romp back into the Cloverfield Universe(s) and had tons of nods to Event Horizon. We both recommend giving this one a watch and agree that it would have been just as good in a theater as it was at home. Take some popcorn and strap in.

Okay, so now were going back for Mando’s suggestion of The Adventures of TinTin which you can watch this one on Netflix.

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