Episode 264: Shhh, It’s a Quiet Place

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! This week we play a little catch up in the theaters and review the thriller Quiet Place. We bring you both our spoiler free and spoiler filled thoughts on this new quiet scare fest. Along with that we talk a bit about some movie trailers, streaming review of …groan… The House and answer this week’s podquestion of how you got your first job.

This week’s streaming suggestion of The House on HBOgo came from our friend/foe Kristi. You may know her as the person who has given us such wonderful suggestions as Grave Encounters (one of my favs) and Open House also seems to have a wrathful side. Bat has no love for Farrell and while I don’t hate him to the same extent I must say… this movie is a true piece of shit. Man… what did we watch. I don’t know what to say other than please, please avoid this waste of time. Also, Kristi, please be kind oh merciful dear listener. Naturally we would both give this 2 huge thumbs down but they were cut off by Farrell.

Next week we get back to watching a few of our own streaming suggestions by watching
Andre the Giant on HBOgo.

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