Episode 276: The Meg

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! This week we dive right into the giant shark v Jason Statham fest that is The Meg. As normal we provide you a spoiler free review first but also give you a more spoiler filled review at the end of the show! We discuss a little CW news with Ruby Rose announced as Batwoman and a smattering of other nerd news items. We also discuss our streaming review Extinction and answer last week’s fan suggested podquestion of what you add a 0 onto that you currently own?

This week’s streaming review was the Netflix original with Extinction. Over all we have to admit that we were surprised by how much more fleshed out this movie was (for a Netflix original). Michael Pena does a good job of driving this character driven movie and kind of makes us want to see him in more varied roles. While not perfect by any means the movie provided a decent twist that helped really draw us in more. Over all Bat was more enamored with this movie than myself with him giving it a see it while I say it’s okay to skip it. Regardless of rankings though, we want more Pena.

For the next movie we’re changing direction and going to try our hands at the First Person Movie, Hardcore Henry. Will this be a nausea inducing adventure or something completely unexpected? Join in by watching this movie on Netflix.

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