Episode 279: Continuity Errors

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! We are back in the swing of things, and just in time to talk a bit about Spiderman for PS4! We give it a spoiler free treatment and talk about our experiences so far… and some of the terrible selfies Bat’s taken in game (see image below). But it is our saddening duty to review yet another bad Netflix original movie, this time the culprit is The Package. On a lighter, and more enjoyable note we have a little nerd news with the casting of Cavill as Geralt in the Witcher TV show and the purchase of Kingdoms of Amalur by THQ Nordic. lastly we wrap our week in geek up with answers to our podquestion of what did you want to be the next big Movie Trilogy.

This week’s streaming review was another Netflix Original Tragedy, The Package. With all the basic tropes of a bunch of sexually frustrated teens comedy movie we were hoping for a few laughs… but sadly the only ones we got were premature and short lived. Which ironically fits this movie to a T. While it’s only an hour and a half the journey feels like it takes a lot longer. The lack of chemistry between the characters and the lame jokes really feed into this feeling. The pay off never really seems to come and we’re left watching numerous airborne dick shots that would probably make Lorena Bobbitt happy. We both give this one a hard pass, take a walk and visit something better.

For the next movie we’re hopping for something better than the director’s newest movie (Mute) and taking a chance on watching Moon. You can join in by watching this movie on Netflix.

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