Episode 307: Avengers Endgame

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

It has happened. Endgame is here and we have seen it and we’re eager to get down to talking about every possible piece of this end of a Saga. But fret not, we will do our normal spoiler free review along with our streaming review of Logan Lucky, Bat’s impressions of Days Gone and answer our podquestion of “Which GoT house would you be a part of?” After all that is covered be prepared for ALL the spoilers after we close the show, you have been warned.

This week we took a chance on Logan Lucky on Amazon Prime. This movie is a hell of a strange heist movie and feels like something that would have been directed by the Cohen Brothers. While Bat really enjoyed the quick and charm of the movie I just couldn’t stay interested. Even the acting was solid the plot and humor just lost me. While nothing special, Bat would still recommend giving it a watch while I say give it a pass.

Next week we’re watching the classic Logan’s Run on Netflix. Funny enough, neither of us had seen this one before so we figured it’s time to give it a shot.

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