Episode 324: Perfection

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

We’re hitting the ground running with a whole mess of news but first we dive into our streaming review of The Perfection (I finished it this time!). Starting off we have the ‘classic’ video games of Lion King and Alladin coming back, Rise of the Skywalker trailer, Joker new trailer and review reactions and this month’s free shit good shit. We also answer last week’s podquestion of “What is your favorite montage song?”

This week’s streaming review was The Perfection on Netflix. Gotta admit it right off the bat, we both really enjoyed this one. So much so, that we both recommend you don’t really listen to us or watch any trailers, just give it a watch. Okay, if you’re still reading then there’s no talking sense into you so let’s get to it. The way this movie continues to subvert your expectations and evolve the circumstances and characters is truly something to witness. The periodic “rewinds” that show you the other side of things allows you to slowly chip away at the bigger story and also chips away at the facade of the perfection. The two leads do such a wonderful job at acting each of their parts that I kept thinking back to it long after the credits roll. Every now and then it seems like Netlfix breaks the mold from it’s usual craptacular endings, give this movie your time and attention.

Next week we’re watching The Hurt Locker on HBOgo.

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