Episode 337: Jumanji The Next Level

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

We’re back with another movie review with Jumani: The Next Level. So we give our spoiler filled and spoiler free review and we also review our streaming review of the week, Noelle. We also discuss a few more new trailers and a some bits of nerd news from the Game Awards. We wrap it up by answering last week’s Podquestion of “what is the media that you have the best memories of?”

This week’s streaming review was kind of both of our suggestion to watch Noelle on Disney+. With it being a holiday movie we both knew that there was a level of quality and polish that we should not expect. That’s exactly the way we suggest you go into this one as well. While Noelle is not terrible, it is very paint by numbers in terms of what makes a holiday movie.. a holiday movie. For the most part it flows pretty natural but there are so many times that they noticeably are forcing in segments that just don’t work. We don’t think this will make it’s way into your normal Holiday regimen but if you have the time and want to see something original on Disney+ this may be your only other choice.

For next week, we’re going to watch the Ryan Renolds and Michael Bay movie 6 Underground on Netflix.

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