Episode 342: Lady Bird

Hello everyone, welcome to our slightly under the weather and delayed week in geek!

We both got hit early with the plague so no full spoiler filled theatrical review. Instead I bring you the Hammer only spoiler free review of Just Mercy. Maybe it’s the sickness or the cold, but there just wasn’t too much news so we instead talk a little about what we’re still (not) playing, our streaming review of Lady Bird and answer last week’s podquestion of “which streaming service would you choose if you could only watch one for the rest of the year?”

This we watched Bat’s suggestion of Lady Bird on Amazon Prime. While we heard a lot of good buzz surrounding this movie both Bat and I felt like it completely missed the mark. To sum up this movie, it very much felt like it was trying to be Juno but without the pregnancy. The story of Lady Bird as she moves through her senior year and continues to explore the world around her is okay. It’s nothing entrancing, in fact the most exciting part of the movie happens within the first 5 minutes. After that it feels stagnate, with little character development that seems to keep circling they same tropes. We didn’t hate this movie but we definitely didn’t love it and can’t really recommend it either. Skip this one and save some time.

Our next streaming review is brought us by our listener, TK, who wants us to watch Mom and Dad on Hulu.

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