Episode 343: Mom and Dad

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in geek!

Just no time this past week to motivate us to get out and watch a movie in the theaters so instead we talk about the nerd news of the past week, review our streaming movie of Mom and Dad and answer last week’s podquestion of “which is your favorite Monty Python sketch?”

This we watched our listener TK’s suggestion of Mom and Dad on Hulu. Well, let’s start off with a question. “when did Nick Cage stop getting directed and just go full tilt odd ball?” That’s the question that we both kept asking ourselves as we watched through this strange but entertaining movie. I really loved the way the movie was shot and edited, which gave it a very unique feel. While it’s very much a zombie movie but with parents killing kids, it does have some fun to keep you engaged. The biggest thing to pull you out of it is Nick Cage’s “acting.” While Bat didn’t enjoy it as much, we both did say that it was worth the watch.

Next week’ streaming suggestion is my choice. We’re going to watch The Last Black Man in San Francisco on Amazon Prime.

You can suggest a streaming movie that you want us to watch and review on future episodes that are on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or HBOgo.

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