Episode 326: Shutter Island

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

Thank you for your patience as I had to take the week off due to some truly crappy times at home. But we’re back and we’re talking about all nerdy things such as Sony State of Play announcement, Big Arrowverse Crossover, Birds of Prey poster, the Storming of Area 51 and Borderlands 3 reviews. We also discuss our streaming review of Shutter Island and wrap up the podcast by answering last week’s dark Podquestion of “What is your biggest fear?”

This week’s streaming review was Shutter Island on Amazon Prime. While neither of us are big Scorsese fans we both were really into this one. Bat especially loved this movie. The film is beautifully shot, acted and scored which alone would make this one worth the watch. But the mystery and suspense of what the main character is trying to unravel is something that we both were excited to see the conclusion to. Much like The Perfection, the less you know about this movie the better. Give this one a watch.

Next week we will be watching Mortal Engines on HBOgo.

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