Episode 140: SkullPoople

Welcome back to another episode of SzG. God it feels like Summer movie season is already starting. This week we get back into the theater to review Deadpool, which we were both excited but trepidaticious about. We discuss the one nerd news of note (at least to us) and we lay out a series of movie and streaming reviews including last weeks choice of The Theory of Everything.

I am so incredibly happy that we are back to choosing movies that we actually might like. this weeks choice was The Theory of Everything. The reason for this choice was two fold. I have always been very interested in Stephen Hawking and I wanted to give Redmayne one more shot. This movie fulfilled both of these asks in spades. I now know more about an iconic mind of our time and I was treated to some honestly astounding acting. Redmayne really put his all into this performance. Something that could have easily gone south or been seen as inappropriately funny was done so tastefully and respectfully that you couldn’t help but feel the weight of all of these changes. We both really liked this movie and gave it 4 out of 5. The only thing holding it back from a 5 for both of us is simply because we know this is a one time watch for us but it was well worth the time, give it a watch.

Next week we have a fan suggestion from TK, Project Almanac. Beside the plane crash scandal that surrounded this movie I don’t know much other than it looks to be sort of foundfootage time travel movie. If you want to watch this one you can find it on Amazon Prime Video.

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