Episode 169: Late Night Editing is the Worst

Hello and a welcome back to your regularly scheduled week in geek. Sorry but going to keep this short and honest, it’s a bit late and I’m tired. Don’t push off editing till the last minute, it never ends well. But you know what ends well? This podcast, okay we do skew quite a bit into real world stuff but before that we have plenty of bullshittery. No theatrical review this week but we do have our Third Halloween movie review with Knock Knock as well as some geeky nerd news.

Our third streaming Horror movie of Knock Knock. was my choice. And wow was it a bit of a strange ride. Full disclosure, Bat was unable to finish this review due to us forgetting the EpixHD app is crap. I did finish it, thank you PC. The first 1/3 of the movie starts off like a bad porno (especially Keanu’s acting) and then the last 2/3 of the movie is all about mental and physical torture. Now my biggest frustration was that the killing of the family friend felt really out of place for where the rest of the movie went. Besides that it was a pretty decent movie, not great and not a repeat watch, but it was alright. I gave it a 3/5 stars but I wouldn’t press anyone to go out of their way to watch it.

Next up we’re going to be watching Bat’s suggestion of Zombeavers.. This movie centers around ….Zombie Beavers. Yup. This one can be found on Netflix if you have it.

You can suggest our final horror themed streaming movie that you want us to watch and review on future episodes that are on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBOgo.
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