Episode 180: Daddy’s Home Alone

Hello and welcome to this weeks podcast! Not much going on in the geek world so we discuss our Final Fantasy 15 impressions, thoughts on the power rangers trailer and get to this week’s streaming review of Daddy’s Home. You should also give Bat’s review of Final Fantasy 15 a look see from last week.

This week’s recommendation came from our listener, Kristi. Daddy’s Home is the second team up movie starting Will Ferrell and Markie Mark (no funkie bunch). The basic premise is the battling between stepfather Ferrell and biodad Walberg for the hearts and minds of the kids. While Bat is not fan of Ferrell, I actually enjoy a few of his movies. But even so, we both did not enjoy this movie. The humor just never really hit home for either of us, except for a 1 or 2 occasions. But what really brought this movie, in my opinion, is the lack of heart from this movie. I honestly didn’t really want to root for either character as both were just in an ongoing pissing contest. Bat gave it 3/5 and I gave it a 2/5 and we both recommend skipping this one in favor of something else.

This week’s recommendation comes from Bat. This week we get to watch the horror movie It Follows. We’ve heard a lot of good things about this movie so we’re pretty excited to see it… though i’ll be sure to grab my blanket to hide behind. Come and watch this movie with us on Netflix.

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