Episode 182: Doesn’t Quite Ring a Bell

Hello and welcome to this weeks podcast This week we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Rings as well as our streaming review of The Infiltrator. We also talk about the recent directing departure of batman and some free shit good shit.

This week’s streaming review was the The Infiltrator. This movie followed the story of Robert Mazura (Bryan Cranston) who is actually an undercover agent trying to make the biggest Drug Bust of his career. The acting is top notch and the design of this film is spot on. Our biggest complaint was that with all of the information and characters being introduced it got a little hard to follow exactly what was going on at times. You knew big things were happening but weren’t always sure of how or why. But take that criticism with a grain of salt and enjoy this fun suspenseful drama, I know we both did. Bat and I both gave it a 3/5 and would definitely recommend giving this one a watch.

This week’s recommendation puts us back in the driver seat and I’m having us watch Midnight Special. This movie looked really interesting when it was out in theaters but I never got around to it so I’m excited to give it a try. You can find this movie on HBOgo.

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