Episode 185: Old Man Logan

Hello and welcome back! Sorry for the lack of last week’s episode but life called and we picked up. Since we did see Get Out last week but didn’t record and we also saw Logan this week we’re going to be giving both movies spoiler free reviews but only giving Logan a spoiler filled one. We also have The Nice Guys for our streaming review as well as a few news and release reactions. I know, we take a week off and everything happens to come out. We also have this month’s Free Shit Good Shit and our podquestion… though we forget to ask a new one. I blame the late night recording as a reason.

This week I had us watch The Nice Guys. when you listen to us both try to describe the plot of the movie you quickly realize a glaring problem, the story. This movie takes so many turns and tries to wear so many hats that it quickly gets convoluted of who’s looking for who and who all died. while there is some chemistry between Crowe and Gosling I just couldn’t bring myself to really care much about any of it. It’s not horrible, it’s just not great. Perfect for a streaming review but would have been a big disappointment in the theater. We both gave this one a 3/5 but wouldn’t really push you to go see it.

This week’s recommendation is another one of those movies that we just missed out in theaters. We’re watching The Visit on HBOgo. It sounds like Shyamalan is making a comeback and we’re eager to get into this “new” movie.

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