Episode 198: Bayformers 5

Hello and welcome to this week in geek. Bat and I lived up to our word and we both sat through the new Transformers movie, The Last Knight, and we survived with stories to tell. As per the usual we bring you both our spoiler free review a spoiler filled review at the end of our podcast. We also review this week’s streaming review of The Accountant and finally dive right into all of the E3 news and talk about what we’re really excited for in the next year or two. Also we have your answers from last week’s podquestion of which Universal Monster Movie do you want to see next in the Dark Universe.

This week’s recommendation was The Accountant on HBOgo. We heard a lot about Affleck’s movie when it first came out of seemingly no where. We both really enjoyed this Wick-esque romp but did get lost in the intrigue of the main plot with the Medical company. Solid acting, good action and (besides the ‘main’ plot) a simple and easy to follow story makes this a worthwhile time investment. We both gave this a thumbs up and would say it was worth the watch.

For our next week’s recommendation we’re watching Sully on HBOgo. We love most anything Tom Hanks so we’re both ready for a good movie.

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