Episode 210: Only The Brave

Welcome back to our week in geek! This week we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews of Only the Brave as well as we get together to talk about some nerd news (I know, shocker!), discuss our streaming movie, Lights Out, and answer this week’s question of what was your favorite Halloween candy when you were a kid.

This week’s Streaming Review was Lights Out on HBOgo. We really liked the idea of the boogie man (woman) character essentially living within the mind of the mother and the first encounters with the creepy shadow lady were genuinely terrifying. But sadly the movie just didn’t really have much else to stand on besides an interesting concept. Much of this was due to over explanation and trying to wrap up every single plot thread in a perfect bow which left many logic holes that were frustrating. We both recommend you keep the lights switched off for this one and skip for something better.

This week’s Streaming Review has us watching our 2nd horror movie in honor of Halloween. This week has us watching a remake/retelling or some sort of re, of the Blair Witch. The original movie was one of Bat’s favorites and we even watched it during one of our October Halloween streaming reviews (sadly it didn’t hold up). We will be watching this one on Amazon Prime, so if you want to possibly join the fright show check it out!

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