Episode 213: Just Kidding Around

Welcome back to our week in geek! This week we bring you truncated episode as I put us on a little bit of a time crunch. We also are joined by Bat’s little one as our special guest star. While we wait for Justice League next week we review out streaming review of The Voice, talk about the slew of new Star War news, discuss our experiences with Fanfest, and answer this week’s question of what is your favorite Disney ride.

Our fourth and final Halloween Streaming Review was The Void. This suggestion came from one of our friends who absolutely adores horror movies and he highly recommended this one. But neither Bat nor I can really see why. We see a lot of opportunity and cool concepts in this movie but none of them really coalesce into anything. We are left instead with a disjointed movie that left us more confused that scared. It was hard to keep invested in this one and we both find it hard to recommend this experiment to anyone else.

With this week’s streaming review we get back to basics…well sort of. We get back to normal streaming reviews, and this one in particular has been on our radar for a long time. Come watch The Purge: Election Year with us on HBOgo and join in on the fun.

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