Episode 267: Solo Adventure

Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! We are back in the groove again! Back from our adventures from PCC… err PCF…well now PFF… screw this that’s too many name changes. It’s not like it’s the artist formerly known as Prince. Anyways, tangent aside, we have our spoiler free and spoiler filled review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Spoilers, we liked it a lot more than we expected to. We also review our last streaming suggestion of Andres the Giant, talk up some Nerd News and dish out some free shit good shit.

This week’s streaming suggestion was Andre the Giant on HBOgo. While I had heard from many people that this bio-documentary was a tear-jerker, I have you say I left with dry eyes. Not to say the movie was terrible, we both just thought that it was more of an informational ride than a in-depth look in to the friendly giant. There was even a good portion of the movie that really skewed away from Andre and focused more on Hulk and McMan and seemed like we diverted into a WWF history segment. Both of us are pretty on the fence of whether or not to recommend the movie, we had a decent enough time but you’re not missing much if you don’t watch it.

Next week we dare to step back into the terrifyingly bad movie verse of Skyline with
Beyond Skyline on Netflix. Blame this one on Bat.

We will be back to the normal format next week with our review of Solo and so much else. So thank you for listening and make sure to continue following our adventures using any of the means below.

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