Episode 285: Free State of Alright Alright Alright Redux

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week in geek. This week we discuss our streaming review of Free State of Jones along with some nerd news regarding Microsoft’s rec acquisition, FF15 DLC canceled and Diablo Mobile Reception. We also answer this week’s podquestion of what song you wanted to see featured in Red Dead 2.

We start the month of November off with a hopeful epic of Free State of Jones on Netflix. We both were hoping for something more than this movie was able to provide. We were wanting something epic and a story that sprawled the Civil War. Unfortunately we were left with a rather disjointed movie instead. There were many “epic” things that happened during this movie but sadly they way they were presented just left the viewer (us) wanting more. We think the movie might have done better if it focused less on Newt as a person and more of the events that surrounded him. We both gave this one a thumbs down.

Next week we’re going to be watching the romantic epic, Fifty Shades Freed. Yup it’s gonna be “great” but at least it’s over after this one. You can watch along on HBOgo.

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