Episode 314: Toy Story 4

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

It wouldn’t be a Bat and Hammer show if one of us wasn’t dying. Luckily, I have beaten the plague for now and we’re able to record this week and discuss all the nerdy shit that happened. I bring you my spoiler-free review of Aladdin & Dark Phoenix as I saw these solo. We also bring you our spoiler-free and spoiler-filled review of Toy Story 4. Who knew a movie that we didn’t want could make us fall in love again. We also get to talk about all the cool E3 news from this past weekend. To wrap it up, we discuss our streaming review of Rim of the World and totally give the cold shoulder to Bat’s question of, “Who is your favorite Godzilla villain?”

This week’s streaming review was another Netflix original, Rim of the World. I feel like we should be used to this feeling of ‘meh’ when it comes to original movies from Netflix, but sadly I expected more from this one and was sorely disappointed. This movie tries to cater to 90’s and 00’s nostalgia while trying to give you a semi-raunchy teen comedy in the vein of ‘Goonies’. From our disappointment it should be no surprise that this movie fails on all fronts. We both highly recommend you give this one a hard pass and spend your time elsewhere.

Next week we will be watching Black Klansman on HBOgo. We both really wanted to see this one while it was in the theaters but are excited to give this one a shot now.

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