Episode 317: A More English Robin Hood

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

The trickle of news continues but fret not! We have a new Marvel Movie to review with Spider Man: Far From Home hitting the theaters. As always we bring you our spoiler free and spoiler filled reviews of this web slinging feature. We also talk about the new Ariel casting, review our streaming movie A Star Is Born and answer last week’s podquestion of “what city would you want to destroy as Godzilla?”

This week’s streaming review was the 2018 Robin Hood. This was a movie that I actually wanted to see in the theaters but missed. It seemed like it blended the Knights Tale modern/classical feel with action from Kingsman. Happy to report we were not disappointed in the least. Sure, Robin Hood isn’t a great movie, but it never attempts to be. It simply tires to have fun and add a new twist on a classic tale, which it does. The arrow combat is silly but enjoyable and, most importantly, consistent. We talked a bit about how some movies make rules but don’t stick with them. Robin Hood makes the rules of it’s world and steals at least part of our hearts. We both gave this one a thumbs up and would recommend you give it a shot.

Who knew that HBOgo would have a pretty large treasure trove this month but we’re diving into it again, this time to watch Halloween (2018). I’ve never actually seen this one so it should be fun to jump by myself as we watch the wacky hi-jinks of Michael Myers.

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