Episode 333: Ford Vs Ferrari

Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek!

We’re back with another movie, upon movie, upon movie review… Yup we (meaning I) saw a lot of movies this week. This time we caught Ford vs Ferrari in the theaters and give our spoiler filled and spoiler free review. I on the other hand saw Doctor Sleep and Charlie’s Angels and provide my spoiler free review of both. We also review our streaming review of the week, They Shall Not Grow Old and discuss a few bits of nerd news. We wrap it up by answering last week’s Podquestion of “what is your 2nd favorite war movie?”

This week’s streaming review was They Shall Not Grow Old on HBOgo. I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointing in this one. Overall, the concept was really cool. Take archived footage, colorize it, dub it after lip readers transcribed what was being said… but the execution leaves so much to be desired. What we got was a non stop mishmash of people telling stories about WWI. There was no semblance of story or a narrative. This same idea could have been achieved in 20-30 minutes instead of almost 2 hours. Both of us suggest giving this one a skip.

Next week’s streaming review is from Bat, and he wants us to watch Creed 2 on Amazon Prime.

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